Friday, 10 March 2017

Scotlands Planner Girls on Tour | Pamper and Plan

So this past weekend was an event that I have been looking forward to going to since I booked my place back in October.... Pamper and Plan down in Newcastle.

Susie, Alyson and I packed up our stuff, A little too much, packed the car and set off on Friday afternoon for a road trip to Newcastle, little did we know it would he one of the best weekends of my life! Just over 3ish hours later and a hotel much up we arrived at our destination for the night. We decided last month to travel down and stay in Newcastle the night before the event so we didn't need to leave at 6 am Saturday morning.

The Friday night was the funniest nights stay in a hotel I have ever had. Alyson and Susie had a few mugs of wine while I attempted to dye Susie's hair, turns out it was a toner, not actual dye. I will insert my Vlog that I took from the weekend cause honestly even editing it I was laughing.

Saturday morning we got up at 7.45 so I could get my hair and makeup done before I did Susie and Alyson. Before we packed up, packed up the car and headed to the hotel for the planning/ meet up part of pampering and plan. The first people we meet were Anna AKA Mrs Brimbles, her husband Jon and their daughter Miss B. has a lovely chat with them while we waited to get into the rooms and set up. Alyson Volunteered us to help set up so we were at the venue from 9 am setting up stalls and getting breakfast in the in-house Starbucks and just "chilling" before the madness started. Alyson, Susie and I changed into our SPG - Scotlands Planner Girls T-shirts that we got made for going down along with Chloe, Lara, Jessica, and Lindsay. 

I actually have no words for how the rest od the day. Meeting everyone was amazing, putting names to faces I have spoken to and admired since I started planning over 18 months ago. Finally meeting Leanne AKA The Geeky Planner and Michelle AKA Ugly Bug Plans, Anna, and Suzy from Suzy Stick Its. Of course, the more that I meet, talked to and then realized who they were haha bit I will be here all day listing everyone. I loved being able to put faces to names and meet people I have been talking to for ages and of course meet new people. 

The full event was very relaxed, we would come and go, plan, craft and do arts, mingle, chat and of course shop at the stalls.

Theses where all the stalls at Pamper and plan and I think if am right I got something from everyone. Leanne also had a tombola to help raise money for her surgery that the NHS won't fund, there was a raffle and a swap shop where you can put things in you want to swap and take what you wanted.

I have been on a spending ban since October so that I could not only save money for Pamper and Plan but also use up a lot of stickers so that I can buy more. When I say I have enough stickers to last me until the Summer I am not kidding, between what bought, the goodie bag, swap shop, and raffle I am sorted for a while. 

I had a brilliant time and it was exactly what I needed, I now can't wait until Scotcon in May!!!! Below is my vlog from the weekend and below that shall be a video with all the stuff I came home with aka goodie bag, raffle, tombola and swap shops. 

If you went did you have a brilliant time? 

Love Hailey

Monday, 27 February 2017

Pamper and Plan Week | No white Space | 27th February to 5th March 2017

Hey Everyone,

Sorry, there wasn't a post last week been busting my but with coursework for college and behind the scene stuff for Scotcon in May.

This weekend (3rd to 5th March) it is finally Pamper and Plan weekend and I can't wait. It's a meetup/conference and spa weekend in Newcastle, Myself, Alyson and Susie are going as if a few others from Scotlands Planner Girls. I will have a bonus post up once the weekend is over so I can tell you all about it and show you my haul. 

This week in my planner I decided I wanted to go all out and do a No White Space and so this, I uncoiled last years Erin Condren, trimmed, punched and put it in my Paperchase A5 planner. This week's spread is a printable that I have been eyeing up for a while from Paper and Gumption - Me Time which is perfect for the weekend!.

Personally,  for me NSW spreads are great for weeks where I have a lot on. now I know what you thinking, but surely that means there is no space to plan. Well when I have a week where I am super busy, I can only do one or two things a day. For example, pamper and plan is a 2-day event but we are travelling down the Friday night so that's 3 days that I can't plan anything.Anything I want to remember about the weekend will go in my journal. 

I follow a lot of planner girls on youtube who do NSW all the time t really does just depend on your take of planning style. In my uglydori I am a functional planner same with my Happy planner - well that's more lists than stickers.

What is your planning style I would love to know? I have also filmed this spread and the video with below.

Love Hailey

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Ugly Bug Plans | My go to shop

Hey guys

Welcome back to my blog, I hope you all liked my first post last week. Today is going to be something different. Ugly Bug Plans has been one of my top 5 shops for about a year now and even more so recently since I got my Uglydori travellers Notebook. 

I haven't had the best of weeks, you know everyone has them at some point but it was made better by two things, first one is I am pleased to announce I am now a member of UglyBugPlans PR team which I am so happy and honored about. 

I can't wait to show you the amazing products Michelle has in her shop, she has just brought stickers back to her shop after taking a break for a while wth them and she's killing the releases with them. She has kits and functional stickers so she will have something for everyone. She also does her famous Uglydoris which is customizable any colour that she has in stock and she now has 4 types of doris to pick from. Lastly, she also has bookmarks you can use in your doris,  have my eye on the Harry Potter ones, of course.

Michelle has a 20% off code until tomorrow use RAINYDAY20 for 20% off £10 or more. If you pop my name in the notes you get a free gift.

Lastly, before I go my planner best friend and co-owner of the Scotlands Planner Girls group surprised me and Alyson with our own SPG admin A% uglydoris. I CANT wait to get mines next week. Here she is in all her glory. 

Next week I'll have a flip through of my Ugly for you and then once a week ill do a spread post for you. 


Sunday, 5 February 2017

Welcome to Planner Patronum

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to my new blog and its launch. I have blogged on and off for around 8 years now and I have been thinking recently of bringing the blog back but this time about Planning. 

I recently changed my Instagram Name, youtube and I thought I would bring the name over onto my blog as well and start again. My Planing best friend Alyson from A Life Lived in Words came up with the name for me was I am rubbish at thinking up names. 

I have been Plan with Hailey on IG and Youtube since I fund the planning community over 18 months ago now and as I have become more active and Involved recently I started to think I have out group Plan with Hailey and I wanted a new name to expand my online presence. 

Last year was my first full year of being in the community and I honestly don't know where to start. January last year I was asked to become Admin of the Scotlands Planner Girl facebook group and since then I have become Co-owner. We have arranged 3 big meet ups throughout last year which were brilliant and this year we can arranging Scotlands first planner conference for in May. Being a member of the group has helped my confidence so so much as well as my social anxiety. I have come so far in such a short period of time.

Last year also has seen me move from planner to planner as I couldn't find a layout/ planner that I was happy with. Near the end of the year (last 3 months or so) I discovered I am very much a functional planner girl with the odd bit of decoration. This year I have found planner peace and I have given myself a goal of finishing at least one planner. 

Theses are the planners I am using this year and you might be thinking Hailey Why on earth are you using 4 planners, A planner is a planner, right? Well, each planner I am using for a different part of my life and I will be adding a 5th for Scotlands Planner Girls stuff later this year. 

The mint green planner that has I am very busy on the front is a planner that I HAD to have last year and used for about a month before I got bored. I have dug out and decided to use it as a memory planner/ Journal as the pages are huge and there is lots of room for writing, photos etc. 

In front of my, is my latest planner and new obsession my UglyDori Travelers notebook from Ugly Bug Plans on Etsy. I tried a pocket Tn last year and I didn't get on with it but with more research and I found inserts that I loved I bought my Dori. I'll do another post going through it and showing the guts. I wanted one to Match my Ravenclaw heart and went with blue on the outside and gray inside. This is my very day in my bag everything planner, I have a monthly, week on one page, daily inserts as well as note pages that I have goals and things in that I want to track. 

Lastly are my two Happy planners, I have a classic happy planner which is my home planner, this has my to-do lists for the day as I have a Rose Gold Horizontal, appointments for my husband and when and what bills are due each month. I still decorate this one but at the same time I don't, like the odd full box and some stickers but not a full spread. 

My Mini Happy planner is solely for college, I am I my second semester and these next few months will only get busier and I wanted someone where my due dates and things didn't get lost in with everything else. I do slight decorate this planner but not much. 

I can do a flip through of each planner in posts. If anyone is interested. If you want to recomend any posts you want to see on my blog please let me know.

Until next time,